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LEARN & EARN is a program designed to help people prepare for a successful future. It’s a chance to gain work skills. Increase skills leading to a diploma and obtain work experience. Learn what qualities an employer is looking for and how to be successful in the workplace.


Project MISSION HAPPINESS, Under this mission we wish to add more HAPPINESS in the community, through Education, Health and Entertainment. You can do it by “SERVING SMILES”. Now we are on the Mission to spread more and more HAPPINESS. PLEASE JOIN US IN THIS MISSION.


Women make up half of the world’s population and it is only right that they receive equal opportunities and rights as men. Women empowerment refers to increasing the social, economic and political strength of women, so they can live their lives with dignity and respect.Let us come together to support this project.


The message encourages people to prioritize their health and take preventative measures before illness and health problems occur. This can be achieved through regular exercise, a healthy diet, stress management techniques, and regular check-ups. By taking care of our bodies, we can live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. So, let’s all embrace the message of “Wellness Before Illness” and make our health a top priority.


By gifting a tree, individuals can contribute to reforestation efforts and help combat deforestation, which is a major contributor to climate change. Not only is gifting a tree a meaningful and practical way to help the environment, it can also serve as a unique and memorable gift for friends and loved ones. By participating in “Gift a Tree” campaigns, individuals can make a difference in the world and create a better future for generations to come. JOIN US


“Education for All” is a noble and ambitious project aimed at ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has access to quality education. Education is a basic human right and is essential for personal development, social mobility, and economic growth. Let us all support this project and help make the dream of education for all a reality. Together, we can create a better future for everyone and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Reason For Choosing

Asmita Foundation

Our NGO offers a unique opportunity for individuals to make a positive and lasting impact in their community. We offer volunteering opportunities that allow individuals to get involved in a variety of projects such as providing education to children in underserved communities, Serve Senior Citizen for those in need, and providing medical services to those who cannot afford it. We also have a number of special initiatives that focus on specific social issues such as poverty, environmental conservation, and human rights. Our NGO is committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need and we strive to create a meaningful and lasting impact in our local and global communities.

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